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2 min readDec 28, 2021

Hi everyone!

Today is 28th December, 2021 and from today I am starting a new challenge for myself. The goal is to becoming a millionaire at the end of 2022.

Let me lay down the plan.

From this day to the end of 2022, I will focus solely on becoming a millionaire. I know this will hard to maintain but I promise I can. I have carefully chosen some income streams to follow.

Income Streams

  1. Startups
  2. Selling programs (websites, scripts, CLI tools, etc)
  3. Writing articles & ebooks
  4. Ethical hacking
  5. Investing
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Selling courses online
  8. Selling APIs

The Journey Path

I will start day 1 with three income streams — writing articles, ethical hacking and writing programs. After I get some followers through my writing I will start writing ebooks and affiliate marketing through my articles.

Ethical hacking path will be straight forward. I will use my hacking skill in bug bounty programs and sometimes as a pen tester to my client to generate income.

I will use freelance sites to get ideas about programs. The term “program” includes website, scripts, cli tools, etc. Those programs which will be interesting will be focused more and I will convert them to startup. Sometimes I will also write hacking tools with my programming skill. After that I will write APIs with the help of my skill and sell them.

At last I will focus on selling courses online. Courses will be targeted to programming and ethical hacking.

The money I will generate will be invested in the stock market.

Visual Plan

Hope the plan is cleared to you.

This is the account from where I will write about everyday’s journey. I have another account from where I will write other articles.

The tools to use (For now)

For writing articles, I will use — medium, linkedin, twitter & personal blogging site

To practice ethical hacking I will use — hack the box, try hack me and later other platforms

To write programs I will use — golang, javascript, next.js, postgresql

To track journey and progress I will use — notion

Wish me good luck!



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