1 year millionaire challenge : day -3 | 29th Dec, 2021

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1 min readDec 29, 2021

Before the starting of new year I will focus on learning the basics. First of all I will learn about go language. I know other programming languages but I want to learn this to write programs (projects and scripts).

What I learned today :

  • Go language basics — from installation to variable types. I learn from golangbot.com
  • About some basics of ethical hacking from hack the box “starting point” lab. I completed the “Tier 0” of this lab

What I did today :

  • Wrote a article on medium and linkedin. Article’s title is ⇒ Technologies that will drastically change the future life

What I did wrong today :

  1. Instead of focusing on learning more, at 11.00 am I went to play cricket with my friends. So I wasted 2 hours there today.
  2. I wasted 5.00pm — 7.00pm on social media today. I will try not to repeat that.

Except the 4 hours of wasted time everything went perfectly today. I will improve tomorrow.

Thanks for reading. With love from India.



Akhter's Journey

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